Friday, July 24, 2015

James & Becky's Waldenwoods Vow Renewal

These sweethearts share a romance so strong that it could not be held back by the fact that they originate from different countries (James is English)! Becky and James, who you may remember from their Shiawassee Park family photos, had a small wedding 4 years ago but had the chance this year to have a vow renewal and the reception of their dreams at the always fabulous Waldenwoods! I loved photographing these too and working with them during the whole process (starting with their session with their fur-baby, Riley!). Becky is so so sweet and chill and we just clicked perfectly. James flipped when he saw how stunning Becky looked in her gown! It was the cutest thing ever. And man, was that dancefloor packed! James' family members were busting moves all night which added an extra fun energy to the dancing, DJed by the talented Dan Nichols. Congratulations on 4 years, James and Becky, and here's to many many more! xoxo


  1. Great work. Wow... really amazing the skill that goes into this art. It's also obvious to me some have that skill and some don't. Beautiful work Kate. Really - it's freakin' amazing how great these shots look. I don't even remember the location having all that detail and vibrance. I've abandoned all hope of leaving the dj trade for the photography trade. :-) I just don't have that eye for the perfect lighting, frame etc..

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Dan! It was great working with you! Hope to do so again soon! :)