Monday, February 22, 2016

Jake's Temple Israel & Tam O'Shanter Bar Mitzvah

I am so excited to share Jake's super cool Drake-inspired bar mitzvah I photographed with my sweet friend and amazing photographer, Esme McClear. We did Jake's candid session just before the party and man, was he easy to work with. He's such a chill young man! We photographed the family at Temple Israel before the service on Friday then it was on to the ultra fun party on Saturday at Tam O'Shanter Country Club. Julie, Jake's super creative mom, was the mastermind behind this simple and amazing party theme. As you can see, there were many candles (over 2000, to be exact) combined with Drake-inspired black and white portraits, black draping, and gold accents with Jake's clever OVO owl symbol, which stood for October's Very Own for Jake's birthday. We were just blown away by how perfectly this all came together and you could see it on guests' faces how much they loved it. Jake and his family danced the night away to the always awesome Star Trax, lead by Jordan. What an amazing night. I hope you'll enjoy Jake's feature! See below the photos for vendor credits! xoxo Theme: Jake Night (Inspired by Drake Nights) | Photography: Kate Saler Photography | Creative concept: Julie Chernow | Temple: Temple Israel | Party venue and food: Tam O'Shanter Country Club | Planner: Leave it to Lauren | DJ service: Star Trax (Entertainer Jordan) | Decor: Designs by Debbie LeClaire | Draping and tablecloths: Fabulous Events