Friday, May 1, 2015

Sophie's Birmingham Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah

As soon as I met with Vicki, one of the coolest and most down to earth young ladies I've ever had the pleasure of working with, I knew we would be a great fit. She was so cute, creative and had such fun ideas for her lovely daughter Sophie's Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland-themed bat mitzvah at The Reserve last weekend. To make things even better, she had what I call the DREAM TEAM in place working on the party: Bonnie Coleman for her event planning, Liz from Parsonage Events for the dreamy florals, and Barb from Mandell Display for the awesome displays, not to mention many other awesome vendors! Vicki, Sophie and I had such a blast at Sophie's candid studio session and a few of those were blown up huge at the party. So cool! The family was so amazing and sweet at Temple Israel for the formal family and clergy photos in addition to an intimate dinner before the service. When I walked into the room at The Reserve on Saturday, I was seriously blown away. It was insane, you guys. So cool. Everywhere I looked, I could see amazingly intricate details, colors, displays, and ideas come to life. The dream team really made it seem like we were stepping into another world, which I know is exactly what Sophie and Vicki wanted! When Sophie arrived, we knew it because she literally started screaming about how awesome it was. It was SUCH an honor to capture such a spectacular event for this amazingly sweet family. I just had to share some right away. I plan to share more! XOXOXO Enjoy and have an awesome weekend! Planning by Bonnie Coleman Steinbock at Elm Events. Display by Barb Mandell of Mandell Display. Florals by Parsonage Events DJ/Emcee Services: Dennis of Star Trax


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  2. Love all the co lour combinations... look wow..I have friends son’s Bar Mitzvah coming up and they asked me to take pictures. I am not a pro and doing it to help them and because just love to take pictures...