Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer inspiration shoot featuring Waldenwoods, Parsonage Events, and The Gown Shop Ann Arbor!

I’m thrilled to share photos from my inspiration shoot I did this summer! The seed for this shoot was planted in my mind after I worked with Parsonage Events for the first time last fall. I absolutely loved their style, artistry and the way they put amazing colors together, so I emailed Emily P. of Parsonage about partnering for a styled shoot. Emily and I planned for months and it finally came together this summer! We decided to do the session at Waldenwoods, a gorgeous venue we both just love. A big thanks goes out to Anne for making that possible! I asked my gorgeous friend, Emily W., to model for us and the last part we needed was a gown! Thanks to Stacy of The Gown Shop Ann Arbor, we were able to show off not one but three gowns, plus several amazing bridal accessories! As far as the style of the shoot itself, I wanted Emily P. do her thing of course, but beforehand, we agreed we wanted whimsical summer romance to be the general theme. Her simple yet lovely set up for the indoor look seemed to partner perfectly with the cozy Waldenwoods interior, with its golden twinkle lights and large windows. Emily P. surprised me with the amazing chandelier she hung for our outdoor look, which created an almost enchanted feeling in the setting. The vibrant shades of chartreuse, tangerine, and raspberry popped beautifully when offset against the backgrounds in both directions: the gorgeous white Waldenwoods and the lake at sunset. Emily added her own personal creative touches to the shoot, with thrift shop gold-trimmed vintage china, a real root runner for the table, and the rainbow sorbet filled oranges! Our gorgeous model had the pleasure of modeling designs from Sarah Seven, Amy Kuschel, Sara Gabriel, Ivy & Aster, Haute Bride, Hey Lady, and Bourbon & Boweties, all via The Gown Shop Ann Arbor. Check below the photos for credit by bridal look. I couldn’t have done this inspiration shoot without Anne, Emily P., Emily W., and Stacy. Thanks so much, ladies! (All looks via The Gown Shop Ann Arbor) Look 1: Gown designer: Sara Seven / Beaded shawl: Ivy & Aster / Earrings, bracelet and hair comb: Haute Bride / Shoes: Hey Lady / Second part of Look 1: Bridal sash: Ivy & Aster / Earrings: Haute Bride / Hair accessory: Sara Gabriel / Bracelets: Haute Bride and Bourbon & Boweties / Look 3: Gown designer: Amy Kuschel / Veiling and floral headpiece: Sara Gabriel / Earrings and bracelet: Sara Gabriel / Look 4: Gown designer: Amy Kuschel / Earrings: Haute Bride / Hair brooch: Haute Bride / Veil: Sara Gabriel / Bracelet: Sara Gabriel


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  2. Kate these were gorgeous photos. All of you did a phenomenal job!