Friday, December 14, 2012

Ashley & Steve's Engagement Session

I got a chance to meet Ashley and Steve through Ashley's awesome brother, Doug. I photographed Doug and Amanda on their 11-11-11 wedding day and also photographed Ashley's AMAZING mom, Rhonda, with her husband, Michael, this past spring. Needless to say, I love this family! This year, Ashley and Steve got engaged and I had the opportunity to do their engagement pictures. I was extra excited when Ashley told me that Steve owns two horses, Red and Silka. I love horses and have always wanted to photograph them! Well, the horses were beautiful alright, but they were also hungry, so when we took them out in the field, they kept jerking their heads down to munch on some grass. Between jolts to mostly Ashley's neck, we got a few cool shots! As you may have noticed, we saw a good amount of wildlife throughout the shoot. We - ahem - wrapped things up with a cozy Christmas lights shot Ashley wanted to try. I hope you enjoy my favorite photos from our shoot. Congratulations, guys!

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