Friday, October 5, 2012

Adam and Nicole are married!

Adam and Nicole are the kind of couple you just know are meant to be together. It's so clear in the way they look at each other! Adam and Nicole were married at their church, which meets at Ward Theater in downtown Mount Pleasant and their reception was held at Bucks Run just a few miles away. Nicole's dad hand made the beautiful jewelry you see pictured as a priceless wedding day gift. Their special day had unique details, like the colored Japanese lanterns that hung over their ceremony, the flowery bridesmaids' dresses, the matching blue hair pieces they wore (which Nicole made), and, my favorite, the Cupcake Station cupcakes in lieu of a wedding cake. When we had our first meeting, Adam mentioned they were getting these cupcakes and I told him as part of my fee, I would require a Samoa one. He kept his promise! :) Enjoy my favorites from Adam and Nicole's big day!

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  1. What a gorgeous wedding! Loved all the details. The foot washing especially is very meaningful. I especially loved the pictures of the groomsmen merrily skipping to the church! The bride looked lovely, and I like how you captured the details of her dress. -Rach